Spring-time is Here!

Spring-time is Here!

As I took a leisurely walk through our charming, little town, I quickly became aware that the highly anticipated Spring-time had finally arrived.

The blooming trees gave me my first indication that Spring was making it’s presence known.  I noticed such amazing and quite beautiful colors, textures, and shapes.  You know the kind right: luscious greens; pastel pinks, violets, and purples; vibrant yellows; and many, many more.

Such splendor!

As I continued wandering around, I noticed even more signs of Spring.  The local vendors were offering such glorious flowers such as tulips for sale.  Oh how these precious flowers put such a smile on my face and a such joy in my heart.  Just look at how amazing the colors are…so indicative of such vitality!

Such happy & vibrant colors

The local landscape and flowers for sale weren’t the only things that let me know that Spring had arrived.  You might be asking yourself, “what else did she notice?”  Well, here in Slovakia, one tell-tale sign that Spring-time has arrived is ice cream.  Yes, ICE CREAM!  As soon as this time of year rolls around, it is offered in so many places here in town.  And EVERYONE is very happy to part-take in this AWESOME aspect of the season.

Enjoying a scoop or two ;)

YUMMY! Ice cream for me...ice cream for you...!

Although I am mindful of my weight, even I couldn’t turn down the wonderful ice cream that is offered in this town.  After all, spring-time evokes such great spirit and a sense of frivolity.  How could I turn it down?  Oh ice cream…it just brings me & my taste buds so much joy!

Feeling carefree :)


The ice cream is so worth the calories!

The other thing that let’s you know that the nicer weather has arrived, is the fact that the outdoor coffee shops are over-flowing with bustling activity.  It seems like people suddenly have the need to discuss something over a nice cup of coffee and that it must take place outdoors ;)

Enjoying the Spring breeze & a cup of java!

As I made my way back home, I thought about how happy I and many others are that Spring-time is here.  I am sure that you too can appreciate this time of year 8-> .

Has spring-time arrived in your town?  What are some of the things that you have noticed?


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