It’s a Christmas time :)

It’s a Christmas time :)

Christmas ho ho ho…..Christmas !!! what comes to your mind when you think about Christmas ?!?

>> GIFT <<

>> SNOW <<

>> FAMILY <<

                      and definitely >> FOODDDDD <<

what I’m going to tell you is how Slovak celebrate their Christmas (base on my Slovak family ok !! ).

As every where in the world cleaning house is the must !!! you can do that before Christmas day (no one wants to clean and cook at the same time huh ?!?)

24th of December  ”Christmas Eve” is the day for every events like family gathering, OPEN gifts yahooooo !!! and enjoy the night together.

And this Christmas Eve is the day when we start cooking. I am not talking about baking because this stuff you can prepare earlier. You can bake either traditional or modern desserts that depends on you and your family.

Tradition here is you can’t eat any meat for breakfast and lunch except “fish” so we cook fish soup for lunch. I have to tell you one thing that I’m always hungry and breakfast is a must for me so I break the rule (as usual) I have breakfast and of course hehehe !! you know  :-"

Back to fish soup this is how it looks :

After a delicious fish soup for lunch. We don’t eat anything (really ?!?!) until six o’clock the real Christmas dinner starts.

“Oblatky” is the soft starter. I can see the question mark on your face “what is it” so have a look :

This oblatky is wafer which we eat with honey, walnuts and apple. It’s a tradition to have it before a real dinner.

And then the  FI-NA-LE of the night is the traditional “sauerkraut”. This is more than yammmmmm !!!!! check it out….

This sauerkraut is a perfect starter. We cook it in a big pot which we can keep it for another few days.

After soup the main course for my family is fish with potatoes :

We use carp fish and we eat it with potatoes which mix with onion. So delicious that I ate it and I just realized that I haven’t taken photo so….I’m sorry for the incomplete piece of fish !!!

Now it’s a time !!!

presents under Christmas tree


This is our Christmas. How is your Christmas ?!?! Hope you guys enjoy !!!!

Merry X’Mas and Happy New year !!!!


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