About Us

About Cyndi:

I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, U.S.  A few of my interests are reading, traveling, exercising, and spending quality time with friends and family.  However, one of my biggest passions is cooking and baking; these have always been at the forefront of my family’s life.   Very often my grandmother, mother, sisters, and I could be found in the kitchen working on a “magical” recipe of some sort.  For us, there was nothing better than spending time together in the kitchen creating special treats for our family and friends.  In fact, we looked for opportunities to cook and bake together.  We have come up with themed parties such as “Hat Affair” for women only or “Holiday Jubilation” for the family.  Our sole purpose for these events: to cook, bake, and share merriment with our loved ones.

Two years ago my husband and I moved to Slovakia, Europe.   Since then I have been on a new-found journey.  I have been experiencing an array of new things regarding this glorious country and the culture around me.  I am learning how to navigate here, as well as, the neighboring countries when the opportunities to travel arise.   Additionally, I really have been quite lucky enough to gain wonderful, new experiences regarding cooking and baking, two of my biggest passions.  I have learned about the local cuisine and also gained knowledge on making adaptations to family recipes.  In essence, each day here affords me with an opportunity to learn about the world around me.

About Mimi:

Hi there :) Are you reading this page?  That means you are very interested in our blog right? ^_~  Well, let me introduce myself.   I am the other half of this fascinating blog.  You would be interested to know that I am from Bangkok, Thailand.  My interests include reading, traveling, and creating different kinds of crafts.  I also have a great love for all kinds of food!!!

At the moment I’m living in a city called Nove Zamky in Country called Slovakia. Nahhh…I’m not a blonde nor European-look girl. But as you already know, I’m a Thai girl who has moved to Slovakia since 2008 !!!   What ?!? Did you just say what I am doing here?!?  Stay tuned…and you’ll find out.  Thank you so much for visiting and following our blog because you never know what we are going to do next ^_^  So follow us while we explore Slovakia.  It’s bound to be an exciting time for all of us!


How we met:

We both realized that learning the Slovak language was vital in terms of “planting” ourselves within the local community.  For that reason, we both enrolled in a local language school.   Although we came from two distinct backgrounds, we became fast friends.  We quickly discovered we had lots in common.   For example, we were anxious and nervous to fit in here.  We both knew that our lifestyles here would be quite different than what were used to.  Further, we also share a passion for Slovakia and all it had to offer; for family and friends; and of course good food!  Lastly, but not least, we both look for and welcome opportunities to grow here in our new-found home.  We hope that you will experience this journey right along with us.